A Dialog. It kinda goes like this.

Us: Hi, welcome to the site.

You: Yeah, um, I thought I’d just check it out.

Us: Sure, look around. What brings you here?

You: You guys talk about the shortage of hope on the planet. I’m kinda feeling that.

Us: Right, yeah. We understand. That’s how a lot of people seem to feel these days. The world is pretty crazy right now.

You: Yeah, tell me about it!

Us: Maybe we should say “crazier,” because it already was crazy and it’s getting worse.

You: How-so worse, do you think?

Us: People are acting nuts. Nature is getting pissed. Our political leaders, TV hosts, clergy—they’re all behaving like everything’s normal. It isn’t. You know it. We know it. Howard Beal knows it.

You: Who’s Howard Beal?

Us: That dude from the movie Network that pretty much predicted the future. You should check it out. It’s ancient, like from the 70’s an’ shit.

You: Cool. I will. Um, so why do you guys think everything’s getting so nuts right now?

Us: Pretty much ‘cause the old world is sinking deeper and deeper into illusion.

You: Old world? What old world?

Us: The one that sucks to live in right now. The one that’s getting fruitier and fruitier. The one that isn’t the New World.

You: Wait a second. New World? What do you mean?

Us: Okay, so the old world isn’t old until there’s something to replace it. The New World is here to replace the old world. It’s kinda like if you only sell one size pizza, what size do you call it? There’s no other size to compare it to. Except pizza is a really bad example, because they pretty much have two sizes: medium and large, which never really made sense to us. If there are only two sizes, they should be small and large. Right? Anyway, never mind that example. That’s pretty much the insanity of the old world. It’s not that way when we’re talking about the New World. The world that we’ve all lived in–that we’ve all known—is the only world we’ve ever known. That is until now. Now that the New World is here and available to us, that other world is old. Who buys an iPhone from a few years ago when you can have the latest model with all the cool, new advanced technologies? That’s kind of how it is with the New World. It’s the latest, with all the cool technologies to live this awesome existence on the planet. Who wants to live in the old world when you can live in the New World?

You: Whoa. A New World — ? That’s kind of radical.

Us: I know. We didn’t make it up. It’s actually happening. It’s part of our collective story—the collective story of man. Our collective destiny.

You: Cool. I like what you guys are doing.

Us: Great. So do we. We want people to know there’s another way. The mission of our non-profit is to restore hope to humanity by building the New World according to the Divine blueprint for planetary peace.

You: Divine blueprint — ?

Us: I know. There’s a lot to learn. Little by little. That’s how we do it here at New World X. We’re here to help. Look around. Drop us a line.