Welcome to The Restoration.
(of hope, that is)

Where did all the hope go? ):

Hope is hard to come by these days. How many times can we feel hopeful about the future of the planet and come to see that—once again—nothing changes? It sucks, really, to have our hopes dashed time and time again. It feels like hope is this bait, dangled in front of us, luring us down a path. We so want to believe that this time it’s going to be different—this time the world will wake up and things will change. They don’t. The planet still remains lost in illusion. Humans continue to act crazy. Conflicts continue to rage. The earth suffers mounting pollution and more neglect. How many times can we hope and be disappointed? We’re tired. We feel like we can’t hope again. We need real hope. We need real change. We need a New World.

It’s here! The New World is here!!

Guess what?! Just when you thought it wasn’t safe to hope again… something is changing. The collective story of mankind has reached a critical plot point. We are being given a way out of this earthly mess. This is the story the Divine is telling with us—the story of how we make it, how we triumph on the brink of annihilation. To ensure our success, the Divine has provided solutions we never had before. That means real hope is possible at last! The New World is here!! And New World X is dedicated to bringing it to you!

This is the treasure map to Peace.

Until humans wake up and embrace the solution the Divine is providing, nothing is going to change. The plan for our future has arrived, but there’s a variable. How crappy do we, as a species, have to let things get before we become willing to change? We have a choice. Which way will we choose to go? Down the path of the solution or further down the path of the problem? That’s the part that sucks, really. We don’t know. Most of the world is still unconscious and asleep. Without people waking up on an individual level, nothing will change. We can triumph, and we will. But that won’t happen without our determined effort.

What’d you think? The New World would build itself?!

The Divine story of our triumph needs to be told—by us! The New World needs to be built! There’s a lot of work ahead. Most people are still living unconscious lives, mired in illusion and asleep. Some of us are waking up. We are waking up. We want to help you wake up. We support people that don’t want to live their lives sleepwalking. New World X is a kick-ass team of highly-dedicated individuals that is getting kick-ass-ier all the time. If you’re like us, there are ways you can join our effort. We believe in having serious fun. Who wants to change the world and have it be a drag doing it? Not us! We want to have a good time and a powerful effect. We aren’t fueled by unicorns and polka-dots, either. This hope is real. We feel it every day. We live it. We know you can too.

We love doubt.

We don’t expect you to believe everything we say right off the bat. In fact, we’d prefer if you’re doubtful. We like doubt. Especially when you haven’t experienced what we’re talking about. We feel like doubt is appropriate when hopes have been dashed so many times. We’re only doing what we’re doing because we also got to the point where we didn’t feel hope anymore, and now we do. We want you to go through your own experience. Nobody can really tell you about the New World, you have to experience it. Coming to see that something is real and abiding takes time. There’s no shortcut. But you’re not going to get there without taking a risk. You have to risk being disappointed one last time. You have to go down one last dead-end road and see that this dead-end road never ends.

What’s our problem anyway?

What’s our problem? Simple. The subjectivity of man. As human beings, we are locked into subjective experiences. It’s those disparate subjective experiences, unique to each individual, that cause all the insanity on the planet. Each individual sees things his own way. Your subjectivity is your unique perspective. It’s how you interpret the world around you. Where our subjective perspectives overlap and find commonality, humans can form old world aggregations, such as nations and religions. These nations and religions can be free of conflict as long as all the subjective realities can find some overlap, and as long as the focus of the aggregation stays on the areas that overlap. But if an event or circumstance causes the attention of that aggregation to drift to areas that don’t overlap, then the differences emerge very quickly. Subjective realities become apparent in a big way. The group is splintered or falls into conflict. It’s inevitable. It happens all the time. But that was then, this is now. That is old, this is new–the New World, that is. New World X.

We didn’t discover the New World. It discovered us!

If subjectivity is the problem, what’s our solution? Our solution is the arrival of the New World. Unlike Columbus, we didn’t have to set sail for shit. It came to us! The New World is humanity’s path to Unity. In the history of mankind, we’ve never had this level of potential to step out of conflict. Conflict with each other, conflict with the planet. Conflict has been an inherent part of the reality we inhabit in our earthly experience. All that’s changing with the introduction of a New World. The New World isn’t a concept. It’s not a distant land you travel to. It’s a new level of reality. It’s right here. Right now. It occupies the same time and space that the old world occupies. They exist side-by-side, like two railroad tracks that will never meet. The old world and the New World. You move from one world to the other by elevating your consciousness and living your life in accordance with New World principles. It’s like walking down one of the tracks, one foot in front of the other, and then suddenly hopping to the other track. You can only be on one track at a time. The tracks are too far apart to be straddled. So, too, the worlds cannot be straddled. It’s one or the other. The New World is very new. It’s just taking shape. But it’s here. Now. You can experience it. You need to be as determined as fuck. You need to be courageous and willing. It’s not for the sissies.